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Great Lakes Online is dedicated to building high quality computers customers will be proud to own and use for many years to come. Giving our customers what they need is more important to us then selling them "what we have in stock". Our computer system prices reflect a careful choice in quality parts, not just a figure and specs that look good on paper. We only use tried & true brands and models. We only recommend what we consider 'good enough to use ourselves'. It has to be good enough for us before we put it in a new system. Sub standard parts means unhappy customers and keeping our customers happy is what keeps us going.

Computer Trouble?

Struggling with a slow computer that you thought would run at lightning speed considering the money you paid for it? A slow computer doesn't always mean you need a faster machine, it more then likely needs a tune up and some bugs cleaned out to get you back to warp speed in no time. Minor upgrades like extra RAM or a new HDD can add years to your computer and doesn't cost the Earth.

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Jason Manewell
Born & bred local of over 50 years. Jason grew up in the Great Lakes Area and knows what local people expect when it comes to home and business service. Serving the Great Lakes since 2000.


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